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Sign up to Unboxed platform, set up campaign goals and influencer criteria (interests, location, gender etc.). Unboxed will take it from there and invite the best matching social media users to get engaged with the campaign. You can set up a campaign to promote a trading platform such as oil profit, through which you execute crude oil trading in order to get more people to know about it and urge them to utilize it for their trading needs. Despite the oil profit having a good overall rating, a lot of positive feedback and also considered as one of the top-rated automatic trading platforms, all users should consider reading the oil profit review before making a final decision.

Leave management to us

Campaign details are taken care of by your assigned account manager: starting from finding the right influencers to ensuring that your campaign delivers the best possible results. One less thing for you to worry about!

Track and repost

We track the performance of each micro influencer post and compile a campaign report in order to provide necessary insights, thus created content can be republished across your own marketing channels to reinforce business goals.

Micro-influencers – the most trusted social media users

Micro-influencers are followed by people who value their honest opinion, thus create more authentic, engaging and trustworthy content compared to brand advertisements. This phenomenon extends to various niches, including the dynamic world of online casinos. In the niche of the casino domain, particularly in the realm of 온라인 슬롯 (online slots), influencers have emerged as influential voices, providing valuable insights and recommendations to their dedicated followers.

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How much does it cost?2018-10-07T15:56:33+00:00
How much does it cost?

Price per post starts from $50 and can go up to several hundreds per post if you choose to work with micro-influencers with a larger following base of 25-50K followers.

What I am paying for?2018-10-07T15:52:03+00:00
What I am paying for?

You don’t pay for using Unboxed platform, we don’t have contracts or subscription fee. You only pay for the posts published by micro-influencers.

How is the price per post determined?2018-10-07T15:50:05+00:00
How is the price per post determined?

The price per post depends on multiple criteria e.g. number of followers, post format, social media network etc. You’ll see the price per post before submitting the campaign.

What is the minimum budget for my campaign?2018-10-07T15:50:16+00:00
What is the minimum budget for my campaign?

Minimum budget is $250

What’s Unboxed network?2018-10-15T10:17:08+00:00
What’s Unboxed network?

Unboxed connects brands and agencies with social media micro-influencers across the globe.

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