Use these five tips to find influencers that best fit your business goals

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You have created a great product  – now you want to attract the recognition it deserves! Seeing as influencers are a great way to get the word out about your new miracle product, in no time at all you’ve opened Instagram… only to be swept away by the thousands and thousands of different profiles. But how do you find influencers that are the right fit for you?

Find influencers whose values match your brand's like @freckledredfox for FitTea influencer marketing campaign.

Find influencers whose values match your brand’s. Health related products should be presented by influencers that inspire you to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Pic from Fittea campaign by @freckledredfox

Finding the right people to showcase your products can be difficult, especially when you don’t know where to start. So here are 5 tips on how to find influencers that could help you stir up some real social media buzz!

Find influencers that best fit your business

1. Determine your target audience

First, decide which market you want to target – be specific! Once you’ve set on a location, determine what audience your product is most relevant to – think about age, gender, lifestyle, hobbies, all the essentials. This will help you to narrow down your search and select the right people for your influencer campaign.

2. Assess your values

It’s crucial that you share the same values and interests as the person promoting your brand. Since the product will be associated with the influencer’s characteristics, it’s crucial that there’s no conflict between the image they portray and how you wish to be seen by consumers. If you’re a brand specializing in organic products, you’ll want to look for health or beauty influencers promoting a healthy lifestyle as opposed to users posting pictures from a local fast food chain.

Find influencers that best match your business like Karen Millen

Karen Millen uses micro-influencers as part of their marketing strategy because of high-quality content and incredibly engaged audience – pic from our autumn campaign by @janettemr.

3. Choose macro or micro-influencers

While macro-influencers reach a wider audience, with micro-influencers you’ll be able to reach a more targeted and, more importantly, engaged audience. Micro-influencers are usually followed by people with interests similar to theirs, while macro-influencers have a wide spectrum audience. By choosing micros you’ll be able to ensure that your product is seen by a more relevant and engaged following.

Find influencers that create quality content your brand is going to be associated with.

Find influencers capable of creating quality content. After all, the posts will be associated with your brand – make sure they represent it well! Pic by @krogfreestyle for KaunasIn.

4. Look for quality content

Influencers have emerged to become a major trend for a reason: they have and eye on how to present an object in an eye-catching matter. They’ve mastered visual storytelling so it would be crazy not to use this to your advantage! Remember to avoid pixelated, blurry photos – find influencers that consistently post high quality and sharp images. Additionally, branded posts can used in digital ads for spreading brand awareness later on.

5. Check the engagement rate

Last but definitely not least – check the engagement rate of an influencer’s posts. A low engagement rate could be a clear indication that the user has been buying likes or followers and not growing their audience organically. You should avoid profiles like these at all cost! Collaborating with such influencers will be a waste of money as they have not actually been able to provide creative content that would attract and retain an engaged following.


Finding influencers can be a challenge, especially if you’re quite new to the industry. However, these tips should help you get an idea about how you can use the power of influencers to grow your business. Seems like too much of a hassle? Sign up at Unboxed and launch your own micro-influencer campaign in 2 minutes! With us you can concentrate on growing your business – we’ll take care of the rest.

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