Micro influencers for Philips influencer marketing campaign

The Right People – the Right Audience

Philips used micro influencers for their successful influencer campaign

No easier way to get silky smooth hair than with Philips!

What do micro-influencer campaigns achieve that more traditional social media advertising campaign models like Facebook ads fail?

They reach their audiences, and hit the engagement rate sweet spot again and again!

Influencers promote brands that they personally use and love. And they can communicate that love to their social media followers through awesome content.

Influencers promote brands they love and convey that message to their followers.

So, when Philips decided they wanted to introduce their new personal care products to the people that really use them, they turned to Unboxed. We were able to connect them with the kind of micro-influencers that really drive brand engagement.

Goal: to introduce new Philips products using authentic product stories created by micro-influencers.

One-on-one with the beauty gurus

Beauty influencers instinctively approach how to promote great products in non-traditional ways. In addition, they have a knack for creating eye-catching videos.

Influencer @gabijasta bringing out her inner Diva with Philips hair dryer.

You just need to look at some of the Instagram video-based content that was created to see this in action!

The duo of both: photography and video content made the campaign a true success.

Micro-Influencers present products for Philips influencer campaignResults:

  • 21 influencers
  • 61 posts
  • 12K engagements
  • 13.56% engagement rate

Influencer created content was received so well that Philips incorporated it in their digital ads strategy.

Glam on – recording!

This kind of memey video content effectively works like a digital ad, and can spread outside even the confines of the campaign. In fact, posts from this campaign were so effective that they were actually used in digital ads!

Philips used photos, videos and reviews created by micro-influencers to increase their conversions.

Philips digital ads campaign based on influencer content

Campaign posts were used as part of Philips digital ads strategy. The innovative technology brand used created content to generate new leads and increase their conversions.

A large part of marketers consider influencer content to be better than digital ads. Thus, using created posts as visuals for the ads enabled Philips to improve their overall efficiency. The result – higher engagement rates for the campaign, a greater potential for virality and the added brand awareness.


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