Time to coffee up with Nespresso

German shepherd making coffee for Nespresso marketing campaign

@veiramint shared her Nespresso coffee with her buddy @voltukas

Sunrise isn’t enough to get you going? Or maybe you’re just tired of fighting the afternoon slump? Well, get ready to take notes!

Unboxed micro influencers teamed up with the world leader of coffee machines Nespresso to present you with the perfect cure to beat the snooze and get your creativity ON!

Nespresso aims to provide the ultimate drinking experience to all who wish to enjoy the true taste of coffee and make the most of your day.


How the campaign started

We were approached by the media agency Inspired UM to increase awareness and encourage consideration of the Nespresso machines and coffee capsules among Lithuanian and Latvian social media users. Since we have a deep appreciation for high quality coffee as well, we were excited to presented such opportunity to our food influencers.

Goal: create awareness and increase consideration among food influencers, living busy, urban lifestyles.

Influencer's work table with a coffee maker for Nespresso marketing campaign

@kotrynabass with a Nespresso machine always by her side

What did Unboxed do?

We on-boarded 20 micro influencers from Lithuania and Latvia, living busy lives and relying on coffee to help them keep up with their fast-paced lives.
Each of them had a chance to try out the Nespresso coffee machines and different flavours of their coffee capsules. In 2 posts each, influencers not only shared their morning coffee rituals, but let us see how well these gadgets fit into their lives as well. How did it go? Take a look at the results and decide for yourself.
Enjoying coffee from Nespresso coffee maker

Coffee – a daily ritual (7,08% engagement rate)

Campaign results

  • 20 influencers
  • 40 posts
  • 33 916 engagements
  • 33 276 likes
  • 12,49 % engagement rate


Making the perfect cup of coffee for Nespresso marketing campaign

Great coffee is worth the wait! (6,13% engagement rate)

Looking at the photos you cannot help but want at least one good cup of coffee (okay, maybe two). That’s probably due to the fact that the content itself was made by true coffee lovers who appreciate the drink.

That is what made the campaign a success: people trust people — not scripted brand advertisements.





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