Consumer personalized content helped to double the sales for Ecovacs

Ecovacs used personalized content for each buyer persona on Facebook and Instagram to present robotic household solutions.

About the Brand

Ecovacs is a worldwide leading brand in cleaning robotics created for customers to enjoy smart and easy life.

Technology induced household devices are loved for time savings and efficiency.
Ecovacs robots are now sold in more than 30 countries.


The company wanted to reach targeted audiences by sharing the real world experiences of people who enjoy Ecovacs at their home.


33 content units

Creators delivered authentic 33 photos, stories and videos

2x increased sales within 3 months

with a help of personalized Facebook and Instagram Ads

40k+ targeted buyers reach

Average CPM $2.88

Top performing content


The success story of Ecovacs showed how important it is to personalize content for your audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

All the content that was used to run Ecovacs social media Ads was created by consumers to consumers.  When you see people like you enjoying the product in a real life environment and saving time, you want to do the same. That’s why it works!

What our client has to say

Before Unboxed our company didn’t use social media as a sales channel. With personalized content we reached 40k targeted buyers and Ecovacs sales started to increase!

Arune Plerpaite
Product Marketing Manager, Ecovacs

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