The lasting duo of Unboxed creators and Fielmann

Fielmann — one of the largest optical retailers in Europe partnered with Unboxed to introduce Eyezen glasses through authentic stories

About the Brand

Fielmann stands for eyewear fashion at a low price. Fielmann is market leader in Germany and Europe’s largest optician.
24 million people wear Fielmann glasses. Today, Fielmann sells almost every second pair of German spectacles.


To increase awareness of Eyezen glasses and its benefits among Social Media users.


344 content units

Creators delivered authentic 344 photos

2,053,150 organic reach

Creators were asked to share the created content to their social media followers

3 countries

Creators were chosen from 3 markets to super localize the content

Top performing content


It’s not just the eye-catching personalized content that have had an impact, social media users have also been able to reflect on the time they spend in front of the screens and how this may affect their eyesight. A win win for both Eyezen and users alike.

What our client has to say

This is our 3rd year with Unboxed creators. The content they create delivers social media buzz and ultimately great outcome for our business.

Brigita Saulyte,
Marketing Manager, Fielmann

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