Breaking Asian food stereotypes with Santa Maria

Sit back and relax — today we are here to tell you a very yummy story about how creators helped Santa Maria

About the Brand

Santa Maria brand is owned by the Paulig Group and has about 2,000 employees in 15 countries.
They are true experts in flavors of the world — that’s perfectly expressed in their slogan saying “No more boring meals”.


To introduce Santa Maria Asia products to busy millennials showing that cooking Asian meals is easy as 1–2–3.


36 creators

We matched 36 creators living busy, urban lives

44 content units

Creators delivered authentic 25 photos and 19 videos

3 countries

Creators were chosen from 3 markets to super localize the content

Top performing content


Real people – creators have real passion for what they love  therefore campaign resulted in some truly tasty pictures and videos. Consumers don’t want irrelevant ads to be dumped in their face, they like honest and real content created by people just like them.

What our client has to say

Precise match-making of products with creators over-delivered the expected results by 200%

Valdas Sidla
CMO, Santa Maria Lithuania

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