Choosing the right influencer agency

Incorporating influencers into your long-term marketing strategy is a great way for you to maintain brand awareness on social media among your targeted audience. However, if choosing an influencer agency leaves you scratching your head, here’s a few tips on what you need to look for when choosing the right influencer marketing agency for you.

SaaS or a full-service?

Firstly, deciding if an influencer agency is the right one for your business depends on what kind manpower you have at your disposal. Influencer marketing agencies can be divided into two main groups: it can be an influencer marketing platform (also known as SaaS) or a full-service influencer marketing agency.

Choosing SaaS may look like the easier solution but you are not guaranteed the campaign will be in the hands of experts.

If you have a dedicated specialist and/or an in-house team, choosing a self-service platform for your daily influencer-hunting needs might be a good option for you. Whereas, by outsourcing the full service, you are guaranteed that your campaign will be the hands of experienced specialists.

Choosing to work with a full management agency is easier, since campaign details are taken care of by a dedicated account manager. For example, at Unboxed, you can launch a campaign in 2 minutes: simply sign up, set up campaign goals, choose your influencer criteria and you’re good to go! If you choose to go the SaaS route, however, you might find yourself in over your head. Just trying to make sence of the displayed metrics and driving sensitive one-by-one negotiations between you and hundreds of possible influencers can be enough to make your head spin. In the long run, you might find that because of its high-touch nature, using a self-service platform may not be your most effective option.

Past success – future performance

A proven track record of successful campaigns is an indication of agency’s credibility – so by analyzing previous case studies you can get a good idea of what you can expect from the partnership. Look for quality engagement rates collected by influencers’ posts – usually 3-5% is considered good for an influencer campaign, though our engagement rates have a tendency to notch up around 10-15%.

A 3-5% engagement rate is considered good for an influencer campaign, though Unboxed campaigns have a tendency to reach around 10-15%. 

As influencer created content is associated with the product that’s being promoted, consider whether the posts from previous campaigns have been a good representation of the quality you expect. All of this will allow you to evaluate the overall influencer campaign quality that the agency is able to deliver.

One of the reasons to choose a particular influencer agency is a good post and engagement rate

Santa Maria Asia and Karen Millen influencer campaigns collected a 10.4% and 17.16% engagements rates. Our long-time partner Dreamon, which we have collaborated with on more than 10 campaigns already, on average has double the engagement rate (around 8%) compared to what rate is considered good.

Remember the name

It’s best to check who the agency has worked with in the past to get an idea of their experience. If they have a list of campaigns for world renowned brands under their belt, chances are they are the kind of professionals you are after.

Track record and experience is a good way to tell if the influencer agency has the kind of professionals you are after.

Always look for brands you’d love to be in company of! If you think Nestle, Phillips, Deichmann, Rimmel London, Mars and others are a good fit – you’re already in the right place.

Checklist on how to choose an influencer agency

Going through a short checklist will help you find the best fitting influencer agency for your business goals.

Eyes on the (same) prize

Before teaming-up with an influencer marketing agency, do some research about their market of interest: do they target influencers worldwide or are they focused only local social media users (e.g. the country the company is based in). This aspect can’t be overlooked, especially if you’re aiming to reach a global audience.

Even though this should set you off to a good start, you’ll only get a real feeling for how effective your campaign provider is after you have ran a few campaigns. Keeping track of the results you get is the best way to decide if it’s a match made in heaven or the perfect time for a switch up.

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