Crazy Cups used micro influencer marketing to promote their coffee brand

Stop and Smell the… Coffee

Crazy Cups Campaign by micro-influencer @meganmarod showing off flavors of crazy cups coffee

Christmas came early! A gift that every coffee lover would appreciate… (10.03% engagement rate)

Nowadays it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t start off their day with a good morning brew.

The rich yet bitter drink has captivated millions of hearts, making it impossible to imagine one’s daily life without it.

Keeping this in mind, we embarked upon an exciting journey with Crazy Cups – the USA based single serve coffee distributor.

Our goal was not only to promote the fantastic range of flavors Crazy Cups had to offer, but to seek out potential brand ambassadors who value quality coffee you can have without taking the trip to your local coffee shop!

For the Love of Caffeine

Crazy cups approached us with a goal to strike a super sweet deal with our lifestyle & food influencers.

By becoming a brand ambassador, micro-influencers would gain access to an exclusive selection of coffee flavors. Plus, it would be delivered right to their doorstep! Pretty neat, huh?

Goal: find influencers for the Crazy Cups ambassadors campaign.

With one initial post to test the waters, Crazy Cups struck a deal with micro-influencers for a 3 month long Ambassadors’ campaign.

Every month influencers will create 3 posts showcasing what coffee flavors fuel up their day. Get ready to discover a whole new world of coffee!

Crazy Cups struck a deal with micro-influencers for a 3 month long Ambassadors’ campaign.

Crazy cups was born from the idea the world should be a more flavorful place. So, what happens when you mix a great idea with the talented content creators? A stellar campaign!

Crazy cups micro influencer campaign reached stellar results

Crazy Cups campaign resulted in over 42K likes, more than 3000 comments and a whooping engagement rate of 34.14%.

Micro influencer @lo.reads pic for Crazy Cups Ambassadors Campaign

Lazy winter afternoons start with a good book and with an even better cup of coffee (By @lo.reads – 14.19% engagement rate)


  • 12 micro-influencers
  • 28 posts
  • 45K+ engagements
  • 34.14% engagement rate

The campaign has only begun its second month, however the results are already absolutely jaw-dropping!

With 28 post so far, the Ambassadors’ campaign has collected over 45K likes and comments.

The overwhelming engagement of influencers’ audience once again shows authentic content is key to cutting through the noise and delivering the right message.

Constantly providing a positive word-of-mouth, influencers make a great fit as long-term brand ambassadors.

On top of that, leveraging this influence for a longer period of time enables to benefit more from the campaign  as opposed to launching only a singular project. Credible ambassadors provide a constant positive word-of-mouth which helps grow the brand and strengthen its’ image.

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