Sweet dreams are made of … Dreamon

Influencer cherishing family moment for the Dreamon bedding campaign

@egle.juzu shared a cherished family moment in her new Dreamon bedding

We all know that getting a good sleep is good for you. Past the obvious benefit of feeling fresh as a daisy as you jump from your bed to seize the day, there’s all the health benefits as well:

  • reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
  • improved immune function
  • reduced need for calories
  • increased focus and concentration and more!

Dreamon wanted us to help spread the word about their super soft and luxurious bedding and build for them an online presence .

So, when we were approached by the Lithuanian maker of top quality bedding Dreamon, we naturally leapt at the chance.

With their beautiful designs and natural fabrics, we saw right away that their product was a perfect match for our network of style savvy influencer marketers.

Influencer drinking coffee for the Dreamon bedding campaign

What a better way to start the day than coffee in bed. @iblacksnow for the Dreamon campaign

So, what did we do?

Now, we are on our 8th campaign in 8 months, and with 41 influencers on board and 71 posts so far, our collaboration is running like a dream.

And as you’ll never catch us napping on the job, we set about finding the beautiful dreamers that were the best fit for the product. Soon we had some truly inspiring content and the campaign was born.

Influencer drinking coffee on grey bedding for Dreamon marketing campaign

All the essentials for the Sunday sleep-in (7,44% engagement rate)

Total results from 8 campaigns:

  • 42 influencers
  • 72 posts
  • 50 218 engagements
  • 49 272 likes
Girl enjoying tea in bed for Dreamon marketing campaign

@georgiawin audience appreciated the Dreamon bedding in her post

We, at Unboxed know the power of influencer marketing and we love building relationships between brands and influencers that are both financially and creatively rewarding. That’s why we are growing, and at present, expanding into Asia. We are not just dreaming about our future, we are making it happen. And we’d love you to get involved too.

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