Showing off season’s top must-haves

Influencer showing off the new Jack and Jones jacket

@kuchtovass showed off this new Jack & Jones jacket to more than 10 000 followers!

We’re here to fill you in on how we were able to successfully use our network of Social Media lovers to spread the word about great products and services.

How this campaign started

We have a different case study for you this time. We love a challenge here at Unboxed, so when we were approached by a media agency Inspired UM and a fashion department store Aprangos Galerija, we jumped at the chance to promote global fashion brands they were selling.

Goal: to create social media buzz and brand awareness for Aprangos galerija shop and it’s brands — Jack & Jones, Only, Superdry, Morgen de Toi, Noisy May and more.


Influencer posing with fashion brands Only and Pieces

Lovely @evita_sup posing with brands Only & Pieces! Post resulted in 9.57% engagement rate.

What did Unboxed do?

As we needed to spread the word about big names like:

  • Jack & Jones – Europe’s leading producers of menswear with more than one thousand stores in 38 countries.
  • Only
  • Superdry
  • Morgen de Toi,
  • Noisy May  and more— we knew we needed to find micro-influencers with a real sense of style. And we found them.

We got 9 of Unboxed best fashion influencers to post their own photo based content about these brands across their favourite social networks.

And the results, well — let’s let them speak for themselves.

Influencer wearing Superdry for influencer marketing campaign

A perfect Superdry fit by @rokistamo. Post resulted in 19,71% engagement rate.


  • micro-influencers
  • 38 posts
  • 29K+ engagements
  • 28.49%  campaign engagement rate


Campaign resulted in some truly stylish fashion statements. Why? Because the people making the content were lovers of all things fashion, that love spilled into posts which were authentic and dynamic. Real people have real passion for what they love and this is what was communicated in their posts.

Influencer posing with a Noisy May outfit

Look how people adore Noisy May clothes! Post is created by @eglejuozaityte with 9.26% engagement rate.


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