Fashion influencers for the Karen Millen micro influencer campaign

Fashion influencers rocking autumn collection for Karen Millen marketing campaign

‘Tis the season of cold autumn weathers and warm fluffy sweaters – 7.39% engagement rate

Autumn inspired fashion show

Our network of fashion micro-influencers is simply awesome!

Something that Karen Millen is well aware of, as they’ve successfully used our influencers in a previous campaign to spread the word about their brand. 

Goal: get trendy social media fashionistas buzzing about the new Karen Millen autumn collection.

When Unboxed was approached by London based fashion house to help spread awareness and excitement about their upcoming Autumn collection across the Baltic States, we knew exactly who to turn to.

Fashion influencers getting their groove on!

Fashion influencers with the new Karen Millen collection

Autumn camouflage – 13.40% engagement rate.

With their style hungry followers, and canny creative content, our fashion micro-influencers were able to bring the collection to life. Just look at some of their fantastic posts.

How were they able to deliver campaign reach that was through the roof compared to projected expectations? Well, first off – great content! However, there’s more to it.

As people who love the brands they are ambassadors for, our fashion influencers deliver authentic word of mouth.  

Their followers view them as friends, and not as advertisers.

Fashion influencers put on a fashion show for Karen Millen autumn campaign

Warm summer days are gone but warm colors – never! (2.96% engagement)


  • 27 fashion influencers
  • 62 posts
  • 56 110 engagements
  • 17.16 % average engagement rate

Lithuanian and Latvian fashionistas put on a stellar show reaching a 16.76% and 11.19% engagement rates, but Estonian fashion influencers took the cake with 22.73%!


Fashion influencers presenting Karen Millen autumn campaign

Sporty meets chic! (7.55% engagement rate)


When it comes to spreading brand awareness about fashion, micro-influencers are the perfect fit.

After all, style is about how you look and how you act, and social media platforms like Instagram are the perfect place to get noticed and get the word out about the latest designs.

With Unboxed’s help, Karen Millen has been able to capitalize on that potential. We’re sure that it won’t be long until other big brands sit up and take notice.



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