All night, all day — ready for the runway

Fashion influencer standing in front of Karen Millen store

@itslindaling fresh from the Karen Millen store

Edith Head said: “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”


That’s an attitude we can get on board with and why it was a pleasure to connect Karen Millen, a London-based international fashion house, with our fashion influencers aspiring to stay classy. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Friday night or casual Wednesday: Karen Millen has got you covered from head to toe. So — ready for a night out?


How it started

Media agency Inspired UM presented us with an objective to draw attention to this world-renowned brand in the three Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Our micro influencers saw this as a perfect opportunity to represent their own personal style — with a little twist. So did we.

Goal: draw attention and increase awareness of the brand on Social media.


Influencer showing off Karen Millen polka dot dress

@avolkova_art greeting the spring with fresh and bright colours

What did Unboxed do?

A total of 31 micro influencers participated in the campaign across all three Baltic countries. Raging from casual to formal, every outfit unveiled Karen Millen newest collection from a different perspective. Campaign results leave no room for doubt about the success of micro influencers!

Fashion influencer showcasing Karen Millen newest collection

@the.travelleaf received numerous comments about her vibrant outfit choice


  • 31 influencers
  • 62 posts
  • 407 361 overall number of followers
  • 66 676 engagements
  • 65 435 likes
  • 1 241 comments
  • 16,37 % engagement rate
Karen Millen campaign results exceeded everyone’s expectations and brought out the inner fashionista in all of the micro  influencers. After all, knowing how to dress for success is one of the key elements to feeling confident and show off the real you. But hey — now you know where to get inspired!

We have proven that by connecting the right brand with the right people we can generate the kind of word of mouth that really drives brand awareness and sales. People trust people — not advertising companies.


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