Beauty influencers for Rimmel London micro influencer marketing campaign

Summer tattoo fiesta!

Why are beauty influencers nectar for the makeup industry? Simple, because they inspire their followers not only to use the brands they are promoting, but also to spread the word about them.

This creates the kind of virality and targeted brand awareness that traditional advertising can only dream of! Sounds to good to be true? Micro-influencers @darjakot, @vike.mal, @sokolodass are here to prove it!

Festival fever with beauty influencers

Let’s take a case study to show how this works. Rimmel London were looking to promote the Lithuanian Granatos Music Festival that they were an official sponsor of, and, more importantly get the word out about their awesome line of festival themed tattoos.

Goal: inspire the perfect festival look for music festival Granatos’18 Live attendees.

They approached the Unboxed team who hooked them up with ten of our Instagram based beauty influencers.


  • 10 beauty influencers
  • 10 videos
  • 9.40 % engagement rate
  • Over 21 000 engagements on Instagram

Our micro-influencers created lit content that really fired up their followers to the tune of a 9.40 % engagement rate.

Over the years videos on Instagram have been gaining more attention with the overall viewing time increasing by 40%. Videos leave a lasting impression, thus is a great way to spread brand awareness. Not only that, this format allows to show off your creativity more than a picture could. Our influencers took advantage of this opportunity and brought their ‘A’ game to the table – campaign videos collected double the amount of views compared to their overall follower count.

Micro-influencers collected about 2x views compared to their follower base.

Yup – users love video content! It connects well with their audience and leaves a more memorable impression of the product. Beauty influencers, in particular, are gold, as their content mostly comes in the form of instruction videos that can then be used in digital ads, giving brands added ROI. And, of course, influencers earn on Instagram for their posts, so everybody wins.

So if you have a makeup or beauty brand and you want to ensure that your advertising hits your core audience, beauty influencers are for you.  Sign up at Unboxed and we’ll hook you up with great talent and take care of everything, giving you more time to concentrate on building your business.


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