Foodies and Nestle on a quest for perfect breakfast

Breakfast image created by a food influencer for Nestle cereal campaign

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Media agency Inspired UM approached us with the Nestle brand  and a goal to present their selection of cereals as a perfect way to kick-start your day.

Our search for the best fitting food influencers started in the three Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

We decided to target active and sporty micro influencers looking for filling and healthy breakfast ideas.

Goal: to increase Nestle cereal brand awareness in the Baltic countries among active, food conscious and sporty women between 25–35 years.

Food influencer having cookie crisp cereal for Nestle micro influencer campaign

Picture by social media enthusiast @smokesth from Estonia!

Cherry-picking food influencers

We chose 10 dedicated foodies from each country. With the theme of enjoying a healthy tasty breakfast as their guide, we had 30 micro influencers to create fantastic engaging content and posts.

Food influencer having a cereal bowl for Nestle marketing campaign

Breakfast goals? Definitely! Engagement rate – 13,48 %.

60 posts from 30 food influencers earned around 37 000 likes and 900 comments!


  • Lithuanian micro influencers created 20 posts with an overall 10,06% engagement rate.
  • 10 foodies from Latvia created 20 posts resulting in 16,52% engagement rate.
  • 10 food influencers from Estonia collected an average engagement rate of 12,24%.


Campaign gathered around 15 000 engagements among Lithuanian and Latvian influencers. That’s extra 5000 comments and likes than estimated!

Girl eating Nestle cereal for breakfast

Just look at the comments from all these foodies! Post by @mondayjazz who has 11,318 followers

This only shows that by connecting the right brand with the right people we can generate the kind of word of mouth that really drives brand awareness and sales. People trust people — not advertising companies.

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