Exploring the pleasures of Vilnius

With massive global media coverage and a much coveted spot on John Oliver’s US T.V show under its belt, the recent Vilnius G-spot campaign has built up a real buzz for the Lithuanian capital.

Vilnius the G-Spot of Europe advertising campaign poster

Hard to take your eyes off “Vilnius: The G-Spot of Europe” campaign.

Created by a group of marketing students and pushed by the city’s promotion agency Go Vilnius, the campaign ran with the racy tagline, “Vilnius: the G-spot of Europe. No-one knows where it is but when you find it — it’s amazing.”

Instagram story from Vilnius G-Spot promo campaign

What did Unboxed do?

Thrilled to be able to contribute to spread excitement about the many pleasures of Vilnius, we jumped on-board when approached by Go Vilnius.

With the German and UK markets as our focus, we reached out to 25 of our micro influencers and had them come up with 57 posts on the G-spot theme.

Our micro influencers really got into the spirit of things, and created some super stimulating content. This really whetted the appetite of the social media community to the tune of a view rate of 121 163.

Micro influencers creating Instagram stories for Vilnius g-spot tourism campaign

Ready to explore all the secret pleasures? (@lucyinthesskyy, @mar.nica, @nastasia.life)

Total results from the campaign:

  • 25 influencers
  • 57 stories
  • 121 163 total story view rate
  • 2734 total link clicks

At Unboxed we love to partner not only with great products, but also great ideas. Our vision is to keep innovating and creating opportunities for partnerships that not only promote the products we love, but the places we love as well.

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