Finding the right fit for Deichmann

Micro influencer wearing black boots for Deichmann marketing campaign

@sigitamusauskaite showing off her new chelsea boots from Deichmann

This time we’re looking at our relationship with Deichmann, the popular german shoe store chain.

The company reached out to us and asked if we could help spread the word within the Lithuanian market about their latest collection .
With shoes to fit every taste and every budget, Deichmann really does have something for everyone: for women, there’s Graceland, 5th Avenue, Victory, Venice , while for men classic styles range from Venice, Victory, and Memphis. And who doesn’t love that feeling of a new pair of shoes.

So, what did we do?

We reached out to 10 of our super stylish fashion influencers who, like Deichmann shoes, were the perfect fit.

And they each created two awesome pieces of click friendly content that connected with their followers. And because this content was created and shared by real shoe lovers, the results we got were all good.


Micro influencer wearing autumn shoes for Deichmann marketing campaign

@julija.svidraite’s followers fell in love with the new Deichmann shoes

Total results of 3 campaigns

  • 30 influencers
  • 62 posts
  • 38 187 engagements
  • 37 740 likes
  • 14,65 % engagement rate




Things went so well that hot on the heels of the first campaign, we ran another and we are now on campaign number three. At Unboxed we like to think we are the life and sole of the party. So, if brands are looking for fresh and fun content that will connect with the right consumers, our micro influencers are always here to help.


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