Danone and micro influencers for actimel campaign

Winter is Coming

Danone used micro influencers to promote new Actimel flavors

Recreate the perfect childhood breakfast in 3 simple steps: your favorite food, a cozy blanket & SpongeBob! (by @buteliauske)

Staying warm in the cold winds of autumn might be a tricky task – especially for those unprepared for the seasonal challenges.

However, our micro-influencers have a secret tip how to survive these chilly months.

And they sure know how to spread the message around – after all, everyone aims to stay healthy!

Outsmarting Autumn with Actimel

We partnered up with the world leading food company Danone in search of health-conscious micro-influencers in the Baltic States.

We joined forces to introduce the new flavors of Actimel – the probiotic yogurt drink by Danone – to all wanting that extra energy boost.

Since we’re more than familiar with the power of influencers, finding the perfect fit for the collaboration was, well, a piece of cake.

Goal: introduce the new Actimel flavours – rhubarb and sea buckthorn – to health-conscious micro-influencers.

54 health & beauty influencers rose to the challenge to spread word about the importance of keeping a good health and boosting your immune system one sip at the time.

Micro-influencers participated in the Danone campaign presenting Actimel

54 micro-influencers participated in the Danone campaign presenting the benefits of keeping a good health and boosting your immune system with Actimel.

Getting cold feet is not an option here, since Danone armed these health enthusiasts with some super fluffy socks to kick-start the creative process. And it worked – influencers created content that could truly knock one’s socks off! It’s a good thing they got an extra pair… 

Micro influencer presenting Actimel - a yogurt-based health drink.

A refreshing energy boost during the season of cold winds and gold leaves! (by @gunarsklavins – 15.71% engagement rate).



  • 54 micro-influencers
  • 54 posts
  • Over 34K engagements
  • 7.90% overall engagement rate


Campaigns in Lithuania and Latvia reached 6.70and 7.90% engagement rates. Estonian health & beauty influencers added the cherry on top with a 10.24engagement rate.

The number of estimated engagements in each campaign was simply crushed! Once again, micro-influencers proved that there’s no competition for quality content and authenticity in the overcrowded world of social media.

With each campaign having over 10K likes and comments influencers more than doubled the estimated engagements.

So, here is your go-to solution for the dark cold weather days! Instead of seeking comfort and warmth from a cup of hot chocolate (not saying to skip this goodness entirely!), try to switch it up with a healthy energy boost. After all, healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

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