Great communications with Telia!

We are in the business of communicating, and we pride ourselves on making sure we deliver the right message to the right audience. So, when Telia  approached us with a goal to reach out to tech influencers who would present their newests phones – we were excited to get on board!

Tech influencer taking a photo with iPhone for Telia marketing campaign

Finding details of the path well walked with

How it started

Telia wanted us to increase awareness about their brand online, and let people know about the creative potential of the new phones they had to offer.

Goal: to increase awareness about Telia and its’ products among tech savvy Social Media users.

Our idea was this — to have our tech micro influencers sharing memorable moments from their day using Telia’s newest phones.

Tech influencers are in for the long run!

In the four awesome campaigns we’ve run so far, we have been able to include 52 of our wonderful influencers, who have created 104 inspiring posts.

City skyline by a tech influencer for Telia marketing campaign

City skyline from bird’s-eye view (@dede_kaspa)



And the results, well, we can say that the message definitely got through. Our August 2017 campaign delivered a 20.54 % engagement rate, while September 2017 also achieved a stellar 19.35 %!

Micro influencer holding a jar of lights at sunset for Telia marketing campaign

Results from 4 campaigns

  • 52 tech influencers
  • 104 posts
  • 137459 overall number of followers
  • 20810 engagements


At Unboxed we have a built a team that is focused on building relationships and delivering consistent results and with the on-boarding to MOX, the Asian business accelerator that will help connect us to the giant Asian market, we look forward to building more partnerships with great brands.

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