Foodies on Instagram showed how it’s done!

Panna cotta dessert from coconut milk for Santa Maria campaign

Panna cotta by @gerdajass: 5,65% engagement.

Sit back and relax — today we are here to tell you a very yummy story about how food influencers helped Santa Maria,the leading seasoning company in northern Europe.

Santa Maria brand is owned by the Paulig Group and has about 2,000 employees in 15 countries!

They are true experts in flavors of the world — that’s perfectly expressed in their slogan saying “No more boring meals”.


How this campaign started:

We were approached by an advertising agency Vizeum with a proposal to challenge deep-rooted thinking that cooking Asian is hard, requires specific knowledge and skills. We though it’s a great opportunity and made a deal with Santa Maria!

Goal: to introduce Santa Maria Asia products to busy influential millennials showing that cooking tasty Asian meals is easy as 1–2–3.

Asian dish created with Santa Maria spices by a micro influencer

@carolain.a created a post which resulted in 16.88% engagement rate!

What did Unboxed do?

We found 30 micro influencers living busy, urban lives and willing to be challenged with a set of Santa Maria Asia products.

Moreover, they were able to create tasty looking food, engaging content and had the right target audience! They were happy to jump to the challenge and to break convictions about the amount of time needed to be spent while cooking Asian foods!

Micro influencers created amazing dishes and shared their experience with their followers about how easy it was to make.

Take a look — results speak for themselves!

A breakfast from Santa Maria coconut milk and sliced mangoes

The perfect combo for a light breakfast with a whooping 20,78 % engagement rate!

Campaign results:

  • 30 influencers
  • 57 721 overall number of followers
  • 6 027 engagements
  • 5 747 likes
  • 10,4 % engagement rate
People showing love in comments for Asian inspired cooking

What can we say — people just love this Asian inspired cooking made by @mali.marija. Spectacular 43.17% engagement rate!!

Campaign resulted in some truly tasty pictures. Real people have real passion for what they love — that’s why they have caught the attention of thousands of followers! Users don’t want ads to be dumped in their face, they like honest and real content from people just like them.


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