Staying focused with Eyezen

Micro influencer with glasses for Fielmann marketing campaign

@dainiust ready to conquer the world with Eyezen glasses

There’s no denying that we live surrounded by screens 24/7. However, the increased demand for our constant attention doesn’t come without a price. We take our health seriously and encourage our influencers to do the same.

Maintaining an eagle-eye on making Unboxed the best it can be wouldn’t be possible without our long-term partner Fielmann — one of the largest optical retailers in Europe.

Together with our micro-influencers we already collaborated on 18 campaigns promoting their new Eyezen glasses — your go-to solution for making eye strain a distant memory.

How it all started

The first campaign we collaborated on was in June 2017. Since then, we’ve had a long and, most importantly, successful run working with Fielmann.

With 18 campaigns already and counting, we are looking forward to future collaborations and even more outstanding results.

For now, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of our previous campaigns.

Goal: to increase awareness of Eyezen glasses and its benefits among Social Media users.

Eyezen glasses presented as an accessory for Fielmann marketing campaign

Reading is a joy if you’re eyes aren’t tired. That’s why @vinilina chose Eyezen!

What did Unboxed do?

Joined by our fellow fashion micro influencers, we’ve created 129 total posts for Fielmann.

And Eyezen glasses have proven to be not only a stylish accessory but also a truly useful tool to everyone exposed to long hours of screen time.

That means that it’s not just the eye-catching photos that the campaigns have created that have had an impact, social media users have also been able to reflect on the time they spend in front of the screens and how this may affect their eyesight. A win win for both Eyezen and users alike.

The total results from 18 campaigns

  • 97 influencers
  • 129 posts
  • 733 591 overall number of followers
  • 43 467 engagements
  • 42 957 likes
Eyezen glasses by a micro influencer for Fielmann marketing campaign looking gorgeous in her new pair of Eyezen glasses. Her followers seem to agree!

The most outstanding engagement rate we’ve received was 16.14%, 16.88% or even 17.42% .

In this day of age, our day to day habits depend heavily on the technology around us. It’s important to remember that even though we cannot imagine living without our computer (let alone our phone),this may have an effect on our overall well-being. By staying conscious of the time we spend in front of the screen and by taking the right measures, like using EyeZen glasses, we can avoid the negative impact these devices might cause.

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