MyFitness Sports Club Opening Event Campaign With Micro Influencers

Shaping Your Future Self

Micro influencers promoted MyFitness sports center grand opening in Vilnius.

Get ready to fall in love with the new healthy you! 4.43% engagement rate by @youstyte.

Summer is still months away but don’t let the cold weather fool you – beach season will be here before you know it.

For anyone wanting to get a head start, now’s the time to grab your gym bag and start sweating. Where, you’re wondering? Read on!

Plus, we joined forces with micro-influencers to make sure you wouldn’t get cold feet!

Beating the Winter Blues

Hide the comfort food and be prepared to leave your stress at the door – the new MyFitness sports center is here!

With a wide range of the equipment designed to improve your fitness and overall health, staying in shape has never been easier.

Fitness influencers promoted the Grand Opening of MyFitness sports center.

To get the word out about the Grand Opening in Vilnius, we called for backup – 4 micro-influencers that were fit as a fiddle!  

The Big Day

MyFitness brief had a little twist – we had 2 days to complete the entire campaign. Time-sensitive promotional campaigns are often more tricky to pull off because we never compromise on content quality.

However, making sure that everything goes according to plan is our specialty! So, we got the campaign up and running in no time.

The entire campaign was completed in 2 days with 4 posts and 15 Instagram stories. 

3 Micro influencers collected over a 1500 likes in 2 days for myfitness campaign

Influencer photos collected more than 1800 likes on Instagram promoting the grand opening of MyFitness.

Let’s face it – having a great event and not a single trace about it on social media is practically like not having it at all! But our fitness ladies do not mess around – all posts were right on time to stir up a bit of social media action. Moreover, micro-influencers once again surpassed our expectations by creating 11 additional Instagram stories.

Fitness micro-influencers created 11 extra stories to promote the event.

Instagram stories collected over 27K views – 30% more than previously estimated. They acted as the perfect nudge for anyone still on the verge of making the decision: to lift or not to lift?

Influencer stories collected over 27K views – 30% more than previously estimated.

We can safely say that MyFitness kicked off their business with a bang. Choosing influencers to be part of their promotional strategy proved to be a great way to collect honest feedback and showcase the perfect place where you can build the best version of yourself.

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