Sugarycharm sugary goodness

Ginger Christmas cookies for Sugarycharm marketing campaign

Yet another proof that all shapes and sizes are beautiful (@getwellwithem)

The Unboxed team has a bit of a sweet tooth. Not only that, we are past masters at delivering custom solutions that are cut from only the best business dough.

So, when approached by Sugarycharm, the amazing US-based producer of cookie cutters for all occasions, we crumbled straight away and said yes.

They wanted us to get the word out to all those budding culinary creatives out there on social media, and get them experimenting with Sugarycharm’s amazing range of cookie cutters.
Family baking Christmas cookies for sugarycharm marketing campaign

Baking cookies at Christmas with your family is always a joy (@leah_stauffer)

What did Unboxed do?

So, we reached out to our great community of social media influencers in the US, and they really took the biscuit.

Goal: introduce people to the magic of cookie creation by offering the best cookie imprint cutters to create your own delicious sweets.

With 17 food influencers and 27 mouth-watering posts, our community baked up some super sweet content. And as the campaign popped up just before the holidays, there was an extra festive buzz around the posts.

Children baking differently christmas cookies for sugarycharm campaign

It’s easy to get you holiday mood on with these dazzling sugary sweets (8,43% engagement rate).

Snowflake shaped Christmas cookies

Perfect symmetry with a spectacular 20,55 % engagement rate

Campaign results

  • 17 influencers
  • 27 posts
  • 20 731 engagements
  • 19 595 likes
  • 1 136 comments
  • 5,95 % engagement rate

This was a great example of the global reach of the Unboxed network. And with our upcoming expansion into Asia, that reach is only set to expand. So, if you are looking for micro influencer marketing that continually hits the sweet spot, look no further than Unboxed – because that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


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