Kaunas tourism information center used micro influencers to promote Kaunas city

Branding and selling a city

Want to know how to achieve an insane 33.46% engagement rate? Not only that, but how to achieve such sublime heights when you are promoting not a product or a service, but a city! Unboxed is here to lay out just how effective the right kind of influencer marketing can be a.k.a. how travel influencers presented Kaunas to be top travel destination.

Thousands of miles – thousands of impressions

Travel influencers like reisegutta promoted Kaunas city as a fun destination

According to @reisegutta, having fun is one of the most important things when you are out traveling. Engagement rate – 12,86 %.

Let’s start at the beginning. Kaunastic, the travel and tourism center for the Lithuanian city Kaunas approached us to help them promote Kaunas as a perfect vacation destination that has something to offer for everyone.

Goal: promote Kaunas as a top destination for a trouble-free getaway.

We focused in on creating a profile for the kind of influencer we wanted to target, choosing influencers whose interests included travel, photography, nature, food, history, shopping and fashion. This allowed us to cover all the main interests of our target demographic of young, active travelers. We also made sure we had a mix of high ranking Norwegian bloggers, as well as lesser known but talented content creators, so we would target a wider potential audience.

KaunasIn chose 5 travel influencers to promote Kaunas city based on their interests

We chose travel influencers whose interests included travel, photography, nature, food, shopping and fashion.

Travel influencers showing true joie de vivre!

The micro-influencers we selected delivered the goods and then some. In fact, they became so engaged with the task of posting about how great Kaunas is, they created 22 extra posts (you just can’t help falling in love with Kaunas, the home of Unboxed). And those posts were so good, Kaunas used their photos for their own promotional material.

Travel influencers delivered amazing results for Kaunastic campaign

Travel influencers delivered amazing results for Kaunastic campaign with and engagement rate of 33.46%!

Our influencers delivered a whopping 33.46% engagement rate across the campaign and Kaunas was so happy that they came back for more.

The campaign was such a success, we brought 3 more travel influencers to the city. With high expectations in mind, we chose influencers that are more than familiar with creating engaging quality content. Additionally, influencer @sopfielaxxa spiced up the campaign by sharing her impressions in a video blog.

Travel influencers like sofielaxaa took pictures in the most memorable places of Kaunas city

@sofielaxaa took pictures in the most memorable places of Kaunas city

Travel influecer promoting Kaunas city for Unboxed

@krogfreestyle showing off his skills in the heart of Kaunas


The second time around proved that campaign success couldn’t be described as simply lucky – that’s the result of what happens when you choose the right people to coordinate your campaign.

Inspired by the previous campaign, 3 more travel influencers were invited to visit Kaunas. Their posts delivered an 18.18% engagement rate!

The takeaway? Micro-influencers are a great option for any brand, from products to services, right through to cities! They connect and deliver meaningful results because they love what it is they are promoting. And they can connect that love to followers who share their passion and trust their judgement.

The essence of a good campaign rests, however, in finding trustable influencers that are the perfect fit for your brand. That’s where we come in. At Unboxed we’ll do all the work for you and get you the best results, leaving you the time to concentrate on your business.

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